Claim for SOCSO Compensation If your employee infected from workplace
Claim for SOCSO Compensation If your employee infected from workplace

Malaysian Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) has recognised Covid-19 as an occupational disease. If the SOCSO member infected with COVID-19 at workplace, they can apply for SOCSO claim under Employment Injury Scheme.

This claim has reduced employer’s burden and assure the financial sources of employee who are infected with Covid-19.


If the workplace is not fixed for the employee (eg: salesman), the employer is required to prepare a confirmation letter to prove that this employee is infected at the workplace to make the claim.



1. Is the claim processed by the employer or the employee?

-Can be applied by employer


2. Is there a deadline to apply after infected?

-Try to report to SOCSO within 48 hours


3.SOCSO's claim method

-Claim on the number of days the employee is isolated and the average daily 

-Provide financial assistance to employee’s dependants through monthly survivor’s pension if death occurs and employee’s dependants will get a one-time funeral allowance of RM2,000 if death occurs


4. Documents r𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐝

-SOCSO claims form (Borang 34)

-Copy of Identity Card (NRIC)

-Original Sick Leave Certificate

-Copy of attendance report of the month / employer's confirmation letter (if no attendance record) 

-Covid-19 Positive Confirmation Report

-Copy of 6-month salary slip before the accident

-Copy of the front page of employee’ bank account statement


5. How to apply?

-Employers can submit the application to the nearest SOCSO Office or apply online at the following link

Application Link:

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Published : 7-Sep-2021

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